The G word

I attended a fundraiser for a friend fighting cancer. The event was pretty well attended. There was an ad in the local newspaper and a facebook event promoting it. It appeared to be pretty successful. They had a silent auction, a live auction, raffles, food and games. One of the raffles was a gun raffle. Anyone who won a gun had to go to the store where it was purchased, do the background check and register the gun. All legal.

When the organizers announced the winners on the facebook event, they had to call it the “G” raffle because if they said “gun”, facebook would delete the post.


Do we really want that kind of censorship? If we don’t say the word “gun”, nothing bad will ever happen?

I don’t have facts but I am willing to guess that 99.9% of guns have never been fired at a person and yet there is evidently a large percentage of people scared of guns. I would suggest to those people to not live in fear and instead learn about guns. Go to your local gun club. Most have an intro to shooting class and if they don’t, ask, I’m sure they would be willing to put something together. No one expects you to run out and buy a gun but it also doesn’t make sense to live your life in fear of something that you don’t know anything about.


I hope everybody who does their taxes pays attention their total tax bill. Not just what they owe or get back but their total tax bill. Pay attention to that amount. It isn’t going to decrease, in fact with the tax and spend politicians that the Democrats are electing, odds are very good that it will go up.

The Democrats talk about progressive taxes. I think they need to check out the definition again.

Governor Dayton helped to build a stadium for a billionaire on the backs of mid to lower income Minnesotans by taxing cigarettes and electronic pulltabs.

Now Governor Walz wants to raise the gas tax by 20 cents a gallon. I don’t imagine that the top 1% is going to feel the $2-4 a tank increase but anyone living check to check will. He also wants to raise the registration tax, more than triple the base tax fee and increase the motor vehicle sales tax.

This is only the beginning. Pay attention people.

The New Green Deal

Again, another Democrat’s plan to try to scare people into believing that our government and tons of money is our only hope. Offensive is a very popular, loosely used word these days. But I have to say that it is offensive that they try to align with The New Deal. The only thing FDR “gave” to anyone is an opportunity to work. Because he knew that the best thing for our economy is people to be working. People work, make money, spend money, create more jobs and more people work. They all pay taxes! Pretty simple. Again, our government has no money except that which they take from us. Yet these people seem to think there is an endless supply to spend as they wish. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Practice what you preach, go out and buy an electric car, put solar panels on your house and get rid of your furnace. We need to quit believing that government spending is the answer to everything.

Paris Agreement

Many are angry at President Trump for pulling the U.S. out of the Paris agreement. I’m sure being part of the Paris agreement gives some people a warm fuzzy feeling. I mean, we must be a wonderful country if we are spending money to save the earth! But are we really? Granted, reducing pollution is a good thing and it makes sense that the whole world participates but we don’t need to be part of a showboat to do it. We cannot expect our government to always fix things for us. We need to step up and be responsible for ourselves and that is what a lot of businesses and people have done which is great.

An example of why joining the club doesn’t guarantee results: China is part of the Paris agreement. There is a reason that so many things are made in China at a low cost. It’s not all about labor. China does not have the regulations that we have in place. Their carbon emissions have not gone down, in fact I believe they have gone up. Paying into the Paris agreement doesn’t clean up the earth any better than paying your monthly gym dues gets you in shape.

Gender reveal? Oh it’s a thing.

Who would have thought that people would have their doctor write down what their baby’s gender is so they could give it to their friend or family so they would have to find a creative way to reveal the gender to the parent. I never wanted to know what the gender was for our kids. I also didn’t want to know what the gender of my first grandson was. And if my family could keep a secret I would have been pleasantly surprised on his birthday.
I know this is very exciting for the friends and family of the expectant couple not to mention the couple themselves. They should be excited. It’s the miracle of birth. It’s incredibly exciting! It makes me very sad though, to know that, in 2014 for example, there were over 650,000 people that decided that the baby was just a “choice”.

Misguided funds

If US Bank Stadium was not exempt from property taxes, the total tax bill in 2018 would have been $37,850,959.  

That would be distributed accordingly: the state ($8.7 million), county ($5.8 million), city ($8.3 million) and Minneapolis schools ($4.6 million). $4.6 million for Minneapolis schools! That’s from just one building! Do some research and find out how many other buildings are getting this special treatment. And this is a building that tax payers kicked in a lot of money to help build. And not for a non-profit, this is for a business that can pay one player $84 million over 3 years, guaranteed.

Corporate tax breaks

The recent tax breaks put in place by President Trump has rubbed some people the wrong way. I can certainly understand that. I mean, why should the government decide that a corporations profits are higher? Who does that benefit anyway? Some CEO is going to make big profits because the board gave them a golden parachute and they will definitely cash in on this. Oh yea, and the other owners, the stockholders. Basically anyone with a 401K or other retirement plan and other people that were willing to invest their money into the company with the hope that they would make a profit and their investment would grow.

But it probably would be best to leave it in the hands of the government. I mean, they’ve proven themselves to be a highly efficient machine and every dollar that goes to them is spent with the utmost benefit for all. After all, they’ve really reigned in the national debt, learned to sue themselves and somehow decided that the FBI was formed to investigate sexual assault cases from 30+ years ago with no crime scene, no witnesses and no evidence. A well-oiled machine to be sure.