Prisoners on strike

There is no doubt that we are getting soft. But seriously, prisoners going on strike? Modern day slavery? It costs $30-60,000 a year to house a prisoner. There are numerous reasons that a person is in prison. Perhaps they raped somebody’s daughter or killed somebody’s friend. Maybe they stole a senior’s life savings, forced a child into sex trafficking, or simply scared the shit out of someone while they robbed them at gun point. Whatever the reason they are there, it probably has something to do with violating somebody’s right to feel safe.

But now they feel like slaves? Not happy about the amount of money they make? The work is too hard? I have no doubt that they aren’t happy, but that isn’t exactly the reason that they are there. Our prisons are overcrowded and we have to keep adding to them so I’m sure there are issues that we need to fix, but prisoners going on strike to complain about their situation is about as stupid as a bank robber suing the bank because there wasn’t enough money to steal.


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