Lazy thiefs

Someone stole my grandson’s bike the other day. Someone thought it would be ok to walk all the way up someones driveway and take a kids bike that wasn’t theirs. The dirtbag was good enough to leave another bike. It was the last one he stole which had a flat tire. Probably because he has not yet mastered the art of stealing shit that is the correct size for him and his weight popped the tire. I say him in a general term because I’ve never seen a girl steal a bike. I have however seen boys steal bikes. One time it was from my neighbors garage. My daughter, a small girl, ran him down and scolded him. I wish I could have seen his face. I think what irritates me the most is that these people don’t even want the bike to keep it, they are just too damn lazy to walk anywhere. We see quite a few bikes abandoned around the high school when football and the other high school sports practices start. They’re suppose to be athletes! They should want to jog to practice. Where’s their commitment? I don’t think the cops think this is worthy of their time but just wait for the study to come out that declares bike theft as a gateway theft to cars. You heard it here first.

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