Corporate tax breaks

The recent tax breaks put in place by President Trump has rubbed some people the wrong way. I can certainly understand that. I mean, why should the government decide that a corporations profits are higher? Who does that benefit anyway? Some CEO is going to make big profits because the board gave them a golden parachute and they will definitely cash in on this. Oh yea, and the other owners, the stockholders. Basically anyone with a 401K or other retirement plan and other people that were willing to invest their money into the company with the hope that they would make a profit and their investment would grow.

But it probably would be best to leave it in the hands of the government. I mean, they’ve proven themselves to be a highly efficient machine and every dollar that goes to them is spent with the utmost benefit for all. After all, they’ve really reigned in the national debt, learned to sue themselves and somehow decided that the FBI was formed to investigate sexual assault cases from 30+ years ago with no crime scene, no witnesses and no evidence. A well-oiled machine to be sure.

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